Nava Nritya (Creative)


Nava Nritya, or 'new or contemporary dance style,' was founded by the late Dr. Manjushree Chaki-Sircar of Dancer's guild, Calcutta. The style was evolved by Dr. Manjushree Sircar and her daughter, the late Ranjabati Sircar, from different forms of dance and movement like Yoga, Kathakali, Bharatanatyam, Manipuri, Kalaripiyattu (the martial art of Kerala), Thangta (the
martial art of Manipur) and Chhau (The ancient masked dances of Bengal, Orissa, and Bihar.) It involves a great amount of flexibility, strength, stability, maturity, hard work, and control over mind and body to grasp this style.

Criteria for the selection of students for Nava Nritya include:

  • At least twelve (12) years old;
  • At least two (2) years of prior training in Indian classical dance;
  • Clear, crisp, strong hand movements and footwork;
  • Fluid and flexibile dance style;
  • Keen sense of time and rhythm;
  • Must pass audition by Artistic Director.